Caring for Our Customers’ Safety is the Foremost Duty of Every Service Provider and So Do We Do

Ever feel like you’re carrying your spirit in your hands when you entrust the guard of your apartment and start out in a Rosemont Elite Taxi cab?

Well, apparently you're not alone. Enough folks have complained almost the quality of Chicago’s taxis and drivers that the urban centre is starting to make out something about it.

In mid-January, the taxi company heads introduced reforms to taxi industry regulations to encourage better vehicles, quality drivers and improved customer experience.

The suggested alterations to the taxi ordinance will be brought into action to produce increased safety for passengers, drivers, and pedestrians.While updating regulations and providing incentives to put fuel-efficiency and wheelchair-accessible taxis on the route.

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These reforms are to increase safety. This will bring Chicago’s taxi fleet into the 21st century by enhancing the oversight of drivers. We are also ensuring that vehicles are modern and more fuel-efficient, and giving customers a neater and more reliable ride.

How much and by what ways are the reforms helpful?

The reforms will include various things. This is by turning down the maximum number of miles on a new taxi from about 150,000 to 75,000. Then, a tiered lease system encouraging fuel-efficient and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Reforms are also looking forward to a standardized lease system that will protect drivers from illegal overcharges.

Elmhurst taxi, Glen Ellyn taxi, Oak Brook taxi, Lombard taxi

There will be real-time access to the Secretary of State’s moving violation database. This will allow the city to take dangerous drivers off the street immediately. Also looking forward to a partnership with the Chicago Police Department for ticketing info.

Renewal will be denied for chauffeurs having three moving violations in a 12-month period. This is followed by a restriction of not more than 12 hours of driving each day for drivers. There will also be a revamping of the coursework for taxi drivers. Installation of swipe machines in the backrest of each taxi for credit cards will be mandatory. Along with, the installation of GPS technology into cabs which we already possess in each and every car.

Taxi owners, rather than complaining about the greater oversight, state that they welcome the changes. Voices like this could be a positive change for everyone involved, and less white-knuckling cab trips, as well! For any taxi service in Grayslake, Rolling Meadows, Elk Grove Village, Winnetka and many other places in Chicago contact us.