Who we are

About Us

Rosemont Elite Taxi have been serving the villages of Rosemont, Des plains and surrounding areas with fluent and reliable taxi services. It has been over 40 years since the taxi services have started. Since then we make sure that all our clients are satisfied with our services and if they ever have any complaints, we do our best to work on it.

We know that there may be many other companies doing the same work. But, amidst the crowd, we have carved a special niche for ourselves with the help of our loyalty, honesty, hard work and professionalism. Once an individual becomes our client, they become our family. So, taking them to their destination right on time and with safety is our responsibility.

Our Mission

Basically, our mission is to satisfy our clients and make them happy. That is exactlyhow RosemontElite Taxi train our drivers as well. To us, client satisfaction is our main priority. So, it’s our duty to take care of the client’s comfort and luxury while he travels with us.

In the taxi services, the clients are mostly worried about the security. They hesitate because they are not sure about the drivers and whether the ride will be safe or not. Being in this business for over 40 years has made us well acquainted with the ins and outs of this industry. So, we understand the likes, dislikes and demands of our clients much better than anyone else.

Park Ridge Taxi Service understands the value of time. We know that our clients have booked our taxis in order to get to their destinations right on time and without any sort of hassle. So, our services will not let you down and will help you reach your destination safely and on time.

The money is another problem or rather a question that arises in the minds of any passengers. In fact, the affordable range of Rosemont Elite Taxi is something that also helps in moving ahead amidst our competitors. So, if you are looking for aTaxi Near Me Rosemont, just visit our website and reserve your taxi for a swift and comfortable journey.

Our vision

The basic fact is, that going around the city without a car is hard work. At the same time, going around the suburbs is also quite a problem. So, Rosemont Elite Taxi will help you out irrespective of where you are and where do you want to go. Just fix your appointment, let us know where we can find you and that’s it! We will get there in notime and help you reach your destination on time.

Our drivers are well versed with the roads of Chicago. So, they will provide you with an unparalleled car ride. Wherever your destiny is, you can expect only excellence from our end. So, pick us and trust us whenever you need to reach your destination on time.

Hotel Taxi Service Rosemont will let you know ahead of time about the costs so that we can save both of us some time. You can pick from our huge assortment of vehicles. We are absolutely transparent when it comes to the pricing. So, there is nothing to worry about as we are cost effective as well.